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Spring News 2017

Good day to you all – hope you are enjoying the wonderful spring weather!!

The high Mercantour National Park in South East France


Here in the Mercantour we have the double-edged sword of lots of grass for the horses – but an early need to get the mower out!!!

Thanks to all for your very enthusiastic start to the season. We have many guests on their way for May and June – the clement weather will offer a wonderful array of flower and fauna ......

It's true – and often explained recently! – that we may not have the "villa with luxuriant pool" feel here, BUT we do have the most fantastic National Park – together with some of the best culture in Europe – just an hour away on the French Riviera – do it – WE ARE!!!!

Here's a couple of links to activities in Nice and around and in Monaco. So you could have the best of all worlds and enjoy both the best nature and the best entertainment around .....

There are plenty of gaps for self guided holidays - availability driven by gite availability ..... summer news to follow next time!!!  

Rome February 2017


PLUS ..... The annual call for our Gran Paradiso 2 weeker – TMB with bells on –September 4 – we just need 2 more guests to make it a goer!!!! Our Roman Fiat 500 friend would sulk even more if we can't get back there this year!!


We'd still like to squeeze in a Provence week (late September) – near to Forcalquier (market of the year) – with gentle walking, fab food, swimming and lots of fun.

There's a firm call also for a Mercantour Madness week – beginning of October!! Let us know.

Luc, Christine and Mel

Foodies – it has been a great pleasure to cater for vegetarians, who have roamed the world and become rather tired of un–imaginative bland fare... and/or lazy chefs' vision of "weird" food provision... all is not lost – you can have a walking holiday – with a different theme each night... we'll create it – you tell us what!!!

"The food was superb" – JR – February 2017.

Just had a fab weekend in Paris – too long a time no see !!!!



Thanks to – Páramo for the great gear and super photos to inspire us all.

Apollo butterfly by Keith Mudd

Thanks to – Keith & Charmaine Mudd – for the beautiful image – we have more, and their list of wonderful creatures seen during their visit here – for those interested in our minute co–habitants ...


See you soon

Photos courtesy of Keith Mudd, Páramo and Simon Lowe

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