The Mercantour National Park

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Let's walk or trek or whatever you want to call it - we all know that it is good for you!

Combine that with some of the best scenery in Europe, good company, great eating et voilà, your holiday decision is made.

Our holidays are created to offer the perfect walking holiday solution whatever your interest, age and fitness level. The majority of our holidays are based in the fantastic Mercantour.

In addition, thanks to our 10 years based here, we can take you to other hidden gems - hidden Provence, and Gran Paradiso.

le Boreon
Trekking in the Alpes Maritimes
la Madone de Fenestre
The Mercantour National Park
Snow shoeing in the Alpes Maritimes
Pas de Prefouns
lac Ste Croix Verdon Gorges