Your hosts at Spacebetween, Liz and Mel......

....have lived in the Alpes-Maritimes for the last 16 years. Delighted to have found this wonderful part of the world, they are based on the boundary of the Mercantour National Park. (But they do get treated out to a day on a boat on the Med - from time to time!). They bring their own UK professional backgrounds to their new lifestyle business in Berthemont les Bains, and working responsibly is ingrained, not just window dressing. This is the story of our adventure in getting here – getting up close and personal in 2001.

Mel is an International Mountain Leader and "Accompagnateur en Montagne", and affiliated to BAIML and SNAM. He is also a partner of the Mercantour National Park. Other partners are 100% committed to the region and 100% qualified to ensure guests have a thrilling yet safe holiday break.

Liz is a lover of the great outdoors, and her two horses!! Also a veggie and a keen cook, so if you are looking for a vegetarian holiday in France - be assured of great home cooking - and not an omelette in sight.

A need to recharge the batteries? - be immersed in an environment of inspiration, relaxation and perspiration!

Once found - never forgotten - many of our guests return to Berthemont year after year........ the current top of the league being a record 13 visits!!

The best holiday in France we've ever had - after 25 years of visits...

Liz & Mel
Denis Longfellow
Christian Lorenzetti
Pierro Fiorucci
  • Local
  • Professional
  • Personal
  • Friendly
  • Flexible
  • Unique region
  • Good value
  • No hidden extras
  • Great food
  • Trustworthy

Our operations are based in France, and are conducted through a French Small Business vehicle ("Auto Entrepreneur", the equivalent of a UK Sole Trader). SIRET No : 477 861 900 00025.

We also have a UK company (Spacebetween Alpine Adventures Ltd) through which we market our services in the UK and abroad.

Therefore if you travel with us, your contract, and therefore your protection will be with the French company.

In order to operate, we have to hold an "habilitation de tourisme", an official sanction issued by the French government office responsible for tourism.

Apart from having to hold defined qualifications, the other very important pre-requisite is that we hold operator failure cover, and public liability. Our cover is arranged by COVEA Caution, Contract No : 20458 for failure cover, and MMA Contract No : 107482250 for public liability.