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Over and above the trials of COVID, here in the Alpes-Maritimes, as you might have seen on the news, we have also been subject to the vagaries of Storm Alex.

The storm hit on October 2 and caused a massive amount of damage along three valleys.

While the mobilisation has been astonishing, the initial response, after emergency operations, has been to concentrate on road securing/access and getting commerce back on its feet.

We are now, just starting to see how the interior of the National Park has been affected. At the moment (December 2020), we are expecting that the Park will be open from summer 2021.

There are, of course, walks which can be done around the Park before the summer.

Please do come and visit us.

December 2020 newsletter.



Short video (French) about the Mercantour – June 2020.

Vésubie Valley

Short video (French) about our valley.


Video (French) about the GR 52 between Sospel and Menton.

Horse Riding

Scott and Ludovic will be pleased to welcome you for day rides – and longer treks this summer in Le Boréon. You can now even book on line - (French and English).


Beer!! There is a small brewery in Saint Martin VĂ©subie – here is a little taster (French). Now being made under contract on the Riviera.


We try not to go overboard on blowing our own trumpet....

Mel (International Mountain Leader) made his first foray into the Mercantour in 2001, and we’ve loved it ever since.

It remains very exciting to live in an unspoilt, fascinating National Park, with all the cultural benefits of the French Riviera (and of course Liguria and Provence) about an hour away.

Delighted to serve our community, run our home and our business with minimum impact, and share this region with guests. Everyone is most welcome here.

Home cooked food, made with local ingredients where possible is, of course an added bonus. Interesting catering for non carnivores at your command!


Here are some reviews from 2020 :

• Thanks for your great hospitality and walking advice. We had a wonderful meal at your friends’ resto. EF/HH – June 2020

Another great holiday – how many times now? – great vegetarian food. BK – February 2020

• Thank you for looking after me so well, again. JR – February 2020

• Excellent to see you both – and for booking the Saint Yves in Sainte Agnes – we thought of you when we had a glass of wine on the terrace. – H&MK – February 2020

• Can’t wait to come back again – breakfast in the sun on the terrace is fantastic. D&MV – March 2020

• Notre sĂ©jour a Ă©tĂ© très bĂ©nĂ©fique et nous espĂ©rons que nos disponibilitĂ©s nous permettrons de revenir rĂ©gulièrement. Bonne journĂ©e Ă  tous les deux. – Domi & Gilles July 2020

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local information about all that happens in the Vesubie Valley in the Alpes Maritimes and the Mercantour National Park South East France

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