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Space Between Accommodation and Self-Guided Walking Holidays

What it has been – Turini – October '20!

Gordolasque Valley

Heavens – lovely friends, this has been a very difficult year for everyone.

So sorry for those who have lost their lives, or their livelihoods, in the past year.

For any of us who remain relatively solvent, sane and "sain", let's try to hang on to that, and help others if we can along the way.

We just wished to say a HAPPY FESTIVE SEASON AND 2021 to all of you.

What it is now – Col de la Couillole – December '20!

Merveilles Valley

Here, as many of you will have seen, we have been exposed to the vagaries of Storm Alex – October 2, 2020.

In its wake has been devastation beyond belief, along 150 kilometres of riverside. Nature has truly taken its revenge.

In Berthemont we were barely touched. Recovery is estimated at circa five years – and €1000M. We are eternally grateful for living in a country where there IS that sort of budget to throw at national disasters.

After much reflection, we have decided to cancel the Grande Traversée du Mercantour planned for 2021, and limit our services to accommodation only and some self-guided walking weeks, in our final curtain year.

Please do come and see us – currently the snow is disguising the worst of things – and the Park is forecast to be open from the summer months.

There will always be a great welcome here for old and new friends alike – as the valley residents, more desperate than most, try to get business back on track.

As it will be – again – Verdon

Gordolasque Valley


Photos – thanks to Marie of the lively Facebook page – les backpackers du Mercantour, and Jean–Marie Gree.

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